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  • Tonight it's back to back Improv with "Cards Against Humanity & Anti-prov", starting @ 8pm! ow.ly/w5PVp Apr 23
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Improv Diary...(uh) Show

Performing Artists (Click on Artist for Reviews and Previews)
  • Ticket Price: $5.00
  • Show Type: Comedy
  • 21 & over
  • Door Time: 12:00 PM


We all know what really happened after you poured out your heart to your diary about your undying 9th grade love for Barry Jameson and how badly you wish he would ask you out. Nothing much, really. 
But what if you got the courage to talk to him the next day at school? 
Improv Diary...(Uh) is a choose your own adventure long form improv comedy show revealing the future of your past, now. Three brave diary-ders uncover their real secrets to inspire alternate improv reality. Does Barry like you back? Will he ignore you at school but make out with you secretly? Is your alternate reality worse than your actual reality was?
Watch your shitty younger years come back to a life of their own.

Shaun Boylan (Cobranauts)
Sean Casey (The Grind, Montreal Comedy Festival, Mission IMPROVable)
Elaine Chu (JJ Caesar)
Rolland Lopez (Battlesocks, Mission IMPROVable, Improv Overruled)
Annie O'Connor (Now?! with Annie & Levin, USS Rock N Roll)
Ryan Timmreck (Smooth Pluto)
Keenan Chao (Battlesocks)
Kerri Fernsworth Feazell
Stacy Kaney (Tetherball Diaries)