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Leah Kilpatrick

Leah Kilpatrick 1 Photo

Wide eyed and pale, Leah made her way to Los Angeles by way of Minnesota (the nicest state in the union, you dick). Today, her eyes a little squintier, she pushes forward to pursue her career as an actor and comedian.


Her background being in Line Producing, Leah decided the most logical decision was to stop telling people what to do on set and start praying that she books that big Vagisil commercial instead.


A meat and potatoes head on her shoulders, Leah continues to work hard everyday. Sometimes that means performing at Westside Comedy Theatre, going on auditions, 

collaborating with fellow filmmakers, or writing new standup material. Most times it just means returning her mother's phone calls. 


With role models like Joan Rivers, George Burns, Leslie Mann, Kristen Wiig, and the ever so handsome Jim Carrey, one could say Leah has some lofty ambitions for a career of her own.


To see more of what Leah has been up to or to get in contact check out her website: www.LeahKilpatrick.com




Leah Kilpatrick's Upcoming Events
  • Monday 07/10/17 9:00 PM

    Santa Monica, CA

    M.i. Westside Comedy Theater
Leah Kilpatrick's Videos